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About Us | Principles of Freedom Forum

About Us

pamelaI remember getting “the chills” whenever I thought of America as a little girl. My parents taught me about its founding, its greatness, and that it was established by Divine design. I believed I would always be safe and secure under the banner of the Stars and Stripes.

I continued to feel insulated from the changes occurring in America during the time I raised my children. It was easy to share my love of liberty with them and to see them catch the same spirit. It was also easy to ignore current events that attempted to cloud my vision of America. I loved my rose-colored glass perspective, and I clung tightly to it.

As my young family grew and became less demanding, I became more aware of the real challenges facing our nation. I began to feel an inner nudge to step out of my front door, take off my rose colored glasses, and replace them with magnifying glasses if I was ever going to understand what was happening in the world around me. Hesitant at first, I finally just did it.

As disappointing as it was to make the switch, it has been a most liberating process! It is impossible to fully understand important issues by hearing only sound bites or rhetoric. Many become frustrated and give up, or remain stuck in the branches and leaves of an issue. If I can get out of the tree and dig deep to the roots of an issue, I’ve discovered I am much more likely to understand it.

I began sharing my discoveries with friends and family. I thought it would be fun to have a monthly event to discuss mutual concerns with others. I pondered the idea for months but felt overwhelmed at the thought of doing it. At the time I was about to move on, I met Jennie Earl at a random meeting. It was almost like hearing myself speak. She then said she had felt a need to create some kind of forum for people to discuss relevant concerns. I wrote her a quick note on a gum wrapper I found in my purse. We connected and decided to link arms and move forward, and here we are!